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it feels good to see one of your VN-esque games again. while i definitely wished it was longer or had achievements like some of your former games, i still enjoyed playing through the 6 endings [and seeing the bewildered expressions, too :p]. here's looking forward to your next endeavour!

waffrus responds:

Yes, my greatest weakness is making my games longer... I'm slowly working on that, aha. I'm glad you enjoyed it though! Thanks for playing!

seems promising, but i can't figure out where Quest 6's box is... i checked everywhere daylight and night-time, unless there's a hidden area or something?

seems pretty interesting, but i got stuck after getting the crossword hint. i know it's referring to the paintings, but i can't seem to figure out what the digits for the exit should be - i tried counting the number of people in the paintings, but that didn't seem to work.

KrunchyFriedGames responds:

I was about to reply with a big clue but- since I don't want it showing on the comments- I'll DM you instead :)

Headsup - there's a small bug where the custom name for Johanna is ignored in the dialogue, even though it seems to show up fine elsewhere. It appears when the dialogue says "I can already smell [name]'s cooking. The best part of waking up every morning." - although I had my name set as Luna, it still used Johanna there. But it used Luna in all other instances of her character. Not sure if this happened with Tamara's name at any point since I didn't change her name..

other than the bug, the story unfolds. I'm looking forward to episode 7, though I do wish there was something like thought-text for Tamara/other characters so we know what they're thinking in certain situations (e.g. Tamara spying on the 2 in the cafeteria). :p

would be better if you had a better means of getting gold besides killing the monsters or searching for treasure, that didn't involve losing your virginity (for those who wanted to go for the nobleman path). also, why is there only one sex position [that being when she's on her back]? would be more worthwhile if there were various positions viewable..

SlingBang responds:

'infinite' Gold can be found by digging in the tunnel under the mushroom. 25+ Gold can be gotten daily using the first 3 upgrades. However, Gold is actually not very important in the game. It's only used to buy potions and in the 'secret' magic fountain. Wealth is important for the Nobleman quest. Wealth is the value of all your gold, items, clothing and weapons.

The Nobleman quest is very easy to unlock once you find enough medals to turn on all the relevant upgrades. Then all you need is 500 wealth. Yes, it would be much faster to just pay $3 on Patron to unlock Anal Sex, but it is not too hard to do it in the free version. Try the walkthru to get you started.

The game has 50+ clothing items (plus up to 5 sluttiness variations and pregnant versions) wearable during sex. Each new sex position would require another 50+ clothing layers drawn which is easily a months work. If the game is popular I will add in another sex position and draw the new clothing layers.

game seems pretty good, but would lower the price needed to unlock her ($5000 is mindnumbingly long even when farming the succubus, so you either need to drop her price or introduce another way of farming money). another thing is maybe consider adding more characters to meet at night-time, since there's not much to do at night besides talk to Tina/steal panties and dildos/search the camp [which ends up not working after a while].

also i just remembered there's still the music glitch that happens on tina's 3rd star - when you find out her backstory, the serious music overlaps with the regular overworld music and any other music, and this gets stuck like this until a no-music scene pops up.

MrMarshy responds:

Okay thank you for the input. Will fix the sound bug asap, thanks for mentioning. A reminder though, the game is not complete and there is plans for ways to earn money a lot faster.

In the mean time... Enter the name "WhiteGambit" into the name box, you will get a ton of money right from the start and be able to see the content with the Pirate way easier.

Plays out decently, but needs grammar-checking + stop having Sam repeat the main character's name so much when speaking. Doesn't seem natural.

Also, neither Sam nor Emily seem to have attractive-looking faces when they're facing you (and Emily's body proportions look awkward at close range, too. She looks fat when close, but slim when more distant.)

biZZler responds:

Thanks for the feedback.

Little bit difficult to win at first, but a second playthrough got me the endless save. I noticed there's a glitch where if you click on El Bidissimo's 3rd and 4th entries in the journal, it shows Mop Maid's entries instead. Other than that, I think I like the game, but as others have said, I think it'd be nice to consider adding more erotic material than the teases, just as further incentive for the game.

WhalesAndGames responds:

Thank you for your feedback! We're still on the process of tweaking difficulty regarding getting the endless save system, and originally intended it to be a sort of reward/confirmation that the player has gotten all the skills they needed from the management phase of the game

As for the erotic material, there's a big chance that our team won't be going there due to our vision of the game, but we will be adding more teasing-level artwork with characters interacting each other in future expansions. If you'd like to leave us future feedback and help us with the direction of the game, we'd love if you could join our Discord! Cheers! 🐳

Seems pretty good, but besides the odd boobs or dick shown, I think the rating is only an M. Also, could do with some music or voice acting - something besides silence. But it's a good story and I look forward to the next release.

definitely one of the best A-rated RPG maker games I've seen so far. though I think the status conditions in battle should deal less damage (since the infection/bleeding I think did too much damage early on when there wasn't any means of removing either at a fast enough rate). other than that, i hope to see the next part soon!

GunChassis responds:

Thanks for the feedback!

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