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Loops unevenly, but it's still stuck in my head. At least this'll get rid of SPOOKY SCARY SKELETONS SENDS SHIVERS DOWN YOUR SPINE

PuffballsUnited responds:

That's on NG's end. If you DL the loop it should loop perfectly.

Personally, I don't believe the title to suit the piece itself.. it seems so melancholy and fragile, to which I'm not quite sure if such feelings would be reflected in the first kiss with someone. But I suppose maybe this links to a sense of long-awaitedness, of angst?... I digress.

The piece itself is yet again beautiful as usual, and it loops quite well, too. Personally were I to see it in use I would expect it in some kind of game or visual novel of sorts when a character leaves.. or dies. It's not to imply that this is bad in any way, but to say that this seems under the wrong name.

Bosa responds:

Yes, I struggled with the title. I almost feel inclined to set it under a different name, but I still feel like it has a love theme to it.

Thank you for your insight. It helps to have supportive, encouraging, and challenging opinions.

Even though the piano piece seems simplistic.. I still love how I can listen to this hours on end on loop. It does give off the sense of perception,.. I guess more of the perceiving and pondering sense, rather than perceiving something in a tense situation, but it's still a good piece. By any chance your own composition?

Chzz responds:

Thanks for the review! Yes, I made this myself about 5 years ago. I named it 'Perception' after I made it because it gave me that pondering feeling! I agree that it sounds a bit simplistic, but I had some problems recording it anyhow since I kept failing at the 01:32 part, where I originally play whole octaves in my right hand.

I'd love to be able to play this, to be honest.. but there's no sheet music. -cries-

If you happened to be active enough to see this comment and have any sheet music, would it be possible for you to share it? I'd love to be able to play this piece.. it sounds so beautiful.

I don't know why, but I feel like I'd hear this in a visual novel, maybe dating sim.

Asides that, the title suits well; heavy drums, trumpet sounds and a serious that give that sense of royalty coming, yet also a sense of innocence (within sections like 1:40 onwards with an innocent lullaby).

The only thing I'd say is that I think it'd be worth experimenting to make this a loop - I think it'd work quite well.

Bosa responds:

A dating sim is some interesting imagery to be brought on by the music, I must say. Thank you for your review, sir. I would indeed be interested in hearing this as a loop.

As an introvert myself, I think that the piece accurately depicts an introverted demeanor - however, I also thought this piece was rather akin to a piece you would hear in a drama or movie of sorts - perhaps this is where the romantic thoughts come, as pieces like this are often heard when a romance is put in jeopardy... but I digress.

The piece itself is rather beautifully composed, and in my opinion, it seems to depict introverts well - a sense of mystery, a sense of seriousness, almost sadness or confusion even.. but it's conveyed rather well, combining all of these thoughts into one motif (or two interlinked).

I don't speak for all introverts (perhaps only a few, even) but I think your intentions were met far beyond, and that you've outdone yourself as per usual. I believe I may be listening to this piece for some time.. thank you.

Bosa responds:

My thoughts exactly. It is always refreshing to hear from somebody who is on the same page as I. To be honest, I would rather be around an introvert than a boisterous person any day of the week. I thought it appropriate to capture the qualities you described above in the music.

Thank you for your insight!

Whenever I listen to this...

If I'm in a bad mood I can't help but put on a cheesy smile as I bob my head to this. It's just... cheery. It reminds me of 8bit soundtracks that I used to hear whenever I played older games.

Nintendo should've hired you for the Pokemon GBA games for music. (that means Pokemon Red, Yellow, Blue, Green, Gold and Silver.) Because this just sounds a lot like something that would maybe fit in Pokemon (older generations.)

Andersson187 responds:

Hehe thank you! Would love to work for Nintendo! But i don't think that would happen sadly! But i feel flattered! ;) so thanks!

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